BIG Prize #24-7 (SUN): WIN a Nintendo Wii!

Written by Alex Linebrink on Tuesday, August 18th, 2009
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Prize #24-7: WIN a Nintendo Wii!

This is the BIG one.

Here’s the deal: GameStop rocks.  They are SO awesome, in fact, that they are providing a Nintendo Wii for YOU to WIN and play Guitar Hero 5 on.  If that wasn’t cool enough, you can even grab your own GH5 copy with this great deal:

Pre-Order Guitar Hero 5 at GameStop and and receive a FREE copy of the PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED Guitar Hero: Van Halen video game, as well as two free song downloads!

Are you ready to rock?

Well here’s the deal: Since this is the BIG prize of the week, it’s a little more involved than the normal daily prizes (but still pretty easy). You’ll have to watch for clues from our Twitter account –  they’ll start with “Clue #24-7-” to denote that they are for this prize.  They’ll also be tagged #TPclue and listed on the Tweet-A-Prize front-page for you to catch up on, in case you miss something.

Don’t answer these clues directly!  If you do, you’ll be giving valuable information away.  You’ll need to use these clues (probably between 10 and 15 total this week) to answer the prize question at the end of the week (tagged #TPprize).  Answer that prize question correctly (it will be announced on Sunday), and you’ll have a shot at winning!

Don’t forget though, you’ll have to retweet this post to be entered to win (you can take care of that one right now by clicking the green “retweet” button on the left, or retweeting the Prize #24-7 post tagged #rtthis — the button is always the easiest and surest way).

Any questions?  Check out the rules first, but feel free to drop us a line too.

For the discussion in the comments below: What event would you take your Wii and Guitar Hero 5 to, and why? We’re giving away a copy of Guitar Hero 5 to ONE lucky commenter this week – so make sure YOU get in on the discussion!

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  • My son says I'm hopeless when it comes to Guitar Hero. I only tried it once, but he plays it all the time in the basement with his friends - on the big screen.

  • Okay, since I can. Nintendo Wii's are more than just a game. The system is good for people with motor skills problems, for people who felt that they couldn't compete in some activities like bowling because of physical disabilities, for people who have limited transportation and for people like me, who are not as talented at gaming as kids. Nintendo Wii's have something to provide to the entire family. The range of games mean that my mother, I and my son can do something on the Wii. Do I still suck at the driving games? Absolutely, but I AM better at them and I can exercise too - all with a game system. Who would have thought that? Nintendo.

  • I would take this to my friend Chris's house for sure -- he just broke his leg last week and is pretty much home-bound for the next six weeks, so he could use a "get well and cheer up" party courtesy of me and some friends. I'm guessing he can still rock pretty hard from his chair, so playing Guitar Hero 5 would be a great way to distract him from his situation and get a bunch of our buddies together at the same time. Thanks!

  • judybradley

    I would take it to my family reunion where all my adult children and their kids could take turns, it would be great fun for all of us!

  • I would love to take it to our family Thanksgiving gathering. How great would it be to see all the different generations rocking out on Guitar Hero! I think it would be both hilarious and a whole lot of fun.

  • jswagner33

    My friends and I have BBQ parties on Football game days... after the game we always play rock band, but I think guitar hero 5 would be more fun! Not to mention a whole new selection of songs to play instead of the old boring ones we do!

  • Carolyn Barnett

    I would take it to our christmas eve party to bring it to life.

  • carmen_guajardo

    I would take it to school teach them how to play the game...sort of like an after school activity for me nd my friends to jam out too after a long day of studying

  • (company) picnic... b/c it's better than bingo.

  • My3Sons33

    To the Poconos, on a family getaway with 2 other families and their kids. We could have a battle of the bands!

  • jefflegg

    If iam lucky enough to win, I am going to practice and practice, then take it to our faimily get together at Christmas and blow my kids' minds!

  • personmcdude

    I'd take it to family b-b-q's. Usually a bunch of relatives/cousins come and we'd have a good time while getting trashed!

  • I would take it to my parents house when we get together with the family so everyone could rock out! Then the nieces, the aunts, uncles & cousins can all do something different together!

  • I would take my Guitar Hero to any event, mostly because I'm not shy at all. Get ready to rock!!!

  • CleverGayle

    I would take it to one of our Dock parties. That would be fun, good times. It would be hilarious seeing everyone channel their inner rock star!

  • Itsamy

    On a Virgin America (or any flight for that matter) going cross country (or out of the country)!!! Thy would be brilliant what a great time buster and VA airlines already got headphones and nit installed

  • jillyrhRT @tweetaprize BIG Prize #24-7 (SUN): WIN a Nintendo Wii! | « Tweet-A-PRIZE!

  • What I found to be so interesting about the Nintendo Wii phenomenon is that all there is finally a game system that people of all ages can have fun with. People with physical disabilities or the elderly who had limited abilities to participate on a level playing field in certain sports found that the Wii could be the great equalizer. It is one of the great positive developments of the virtual world. There are games for the system that appeal to everyone, and let's not forget the cardiovascular benefits as well. The Wii is a great workout system as well. It is an all-around great system for just about everyone!

  • My daughters 22 and 24 come with their significant others during the holidays and we all play the guitar hero games and have the best time, so guitar hero 5 would be a great new addition to this years holiday. I play it all year long so I can kick butt when they come! lol

  • I would take it to the children's museum I work at & throw a fundrasier of some sort. Family competitions-winner would get free membership for a year. Any of the funds collected to enter would be put back into the museum-It'd be fun & serve a purpose.

  • judybradley

    I would take it to our family reunion - we would have a ball!

  • I would bring my Wii and Guitar Hero 5 game to the next wedding I'm going to attend. Guitar Hero 5 music is heaps better than most wedding tunes, and it would keep the kids (and some adults!) happy and occupied.

  • I would take it to a party that needs to be livened up.



  • sf49lu

    i would take it to my neighbors house because he has a 60 inch tv!

  • jefflegg

    I would take a Wii and Guitar Hero 5 to my oldest sons house in Florida, after I get really good at playing it. Would blow him and his wifes mind!! They would either be amazed, or die laughing!

  • Titan38

    I would hands down take it when I visit my brother in college. He has taken a liking to Rock Band, and seems to dislike the Guitar Hero franchise. I would show him just how much it rocks, hoping to invigorate him into getting it himself! The game looks amazing, and I would love to show it to any doubters out there.

  • I would take it to my next blogging conference so that the attendees could rock out in one of the lounges.

  • williammoney

    I would bring it to work. I Manage a tattoo studio and we are all work no play, and I think it would bring a much needed refreshment to the place if we could play some Guitar hero 5. I would bring my wii from home or you guys could throw one in for good measure HAHAHA... Thats what I would do.

  • Kathleen

    I would take this to my sister's house at Thanksgiving. She and my brother in law look after my mom who is in a nursing home. He takes care of her trust finances and her rental. He does so much for her and us. The guy is nuts over the Wii. He hasn't seen Guitar Hero yet but he's gaga over the Tiger Woods game. I'd love to give this to him.

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